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X-RAY RUNS: Apply for Beamtime

2017  March 15 - April 24

2017  May 17 - June 29
2017  BTR deadline: 04/17/17

2017  October 11 - December 21
2017  Proposal deadline: 08/01/17
2017  BTR deadline: 09/10/17

Nominees Sought for Annual CHESS Ph.D. Thesis Prize

CHESS is now accepting nominees for a 2nd Annual CHESS Thesis Prize of $1,000.  The award will go to a student receiving a PhD or Masters degree during the year March 2006 to March 2007.  The thesis work must be based in part on X-ray research done using the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source.

The quality of thesis work going on at CHESS has been so impressive that we think our user community would enjoy seeing the cream of the crop once a year.  Interested readers can learn about the first award ceremony at

The prizewinner will be notified in early May and will be invited to present their work at the CHESS Users’ Meeting, June 12-13, 2007.  Travel expenses will be covered by CHESS and a written report on the research will be featured in the Fall 2007 edition of the CHESS Magazine.

The student’s thesis supervisor must submit a letter of nomination by 30 March 2007.  The letter should summarize the importance of the thesis research and explain how it is outstanding in its field of inquiry.  Since the work could cover any of the diverse areas of research done at CHESS, it is important that the explanation be clear to scientists who are not experts in the field.

The letter must include the student's C.V., a list of publications, as well as the final or near-final draft of the thesis (preferably in electronic form).  The letter must also indicate that the student has successfully defended the thesis and passed all tests required for the degree.

All nominations or inquiries should go to Kathy Dedrick, CHESS User Administrator, at or call (607) 255-0920.