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X-RAY RUNS: Apply for Beamtime

2017  May 17 - June 29

2017  October 11 - December 21
2017  Proposal deadline: 08/01/17
2017  BTR deadline: 09/10/17

Anyone who has and peered inside a disassembled laptop computer knows there are a lot of electronic components packed inside the case. Most of us have never purposely removed the innards of any computer just to see what pieces fit where, or how each complex element is intentionally connected to another. A group of students from the Greater Ithaca Activities Center are doing just that -- spending six weeks this spring removing, identifying, labeling and reassembling the hardware of old computers to learn how the major components work in synchrony as one powerful device. These participating first-generation college bound students will each receive a laptop computer donated to them from the Cornell Computer Reuse Center to take with them to school this fall. Before they leave, they will have the skills and knowledge necessary to troubleshoot and fix common hardware and software issues - having a lot of fun learning from a team of dedicated graduate students and staff along the way!

Rachel Tom

Rich Sholtys from the CLASSE computer group and physics graduate student Sam Whitehead help high school participants from the Greater Ithaca Activities Center explore the components of an old desktop computer and donated laptops as part of the Xraise laptop refurbishing program.



Submitted by: Lora Hine, CHESS, Cornell University